Grace-Based Habit Change for

High Performers 

My Jesus-centered brain-based system doesn't follow the traditional fitness, nutrition, self-development fads and truly guides you into the freedom God meant for you.


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Are you pulling your hair out?


Trying to balance your health,  manage your packed schedule and check off ALL the "To-Do's..."


And you know you were meant for more?


I've got you covered.


This is where busy ladies of the world come and learn to manage their time to prioritize their health so they can live the life they know they were meant for.

This isn't your normal "empty-promises" type fitness site. This is a place where Jesus is the center and you find your freedom and your time again through lifelong habit change.

This is where the latest fitness and nutrition science collide with the Word and the information on neuroplasticity.

You are being called you to higher things, my friend.


It's time to crush mediocrity. 

Something for Every

High Performer.

My Temple Transformation Program is centered around these four crucial elements necessary for lifelong change... 


Build Your Spirit. Build Your Mind. Build Your Temple.

Grace-Based Transformation

A foundation of grace and love. I wouldn't have this beautiful simple system without giving God all the glory. This is a place full of love, grace, and self-acceptance.

Brain-Based Habit Change

Learn to change your habits and your life through the exploding science of neuroplasticity. Your future is brighter and much more exciting than you thought it could be!

Quick HIIT


Boost your metabolism and get the most out of your time with at home high-intensity-interval-training and quick and efficient workouts.

Simple Clean 


Done-for-you menus, recipes, shopping lists, and more. Learn to meal prep and plan for obstacles all while saving time and money. 

Temple Transformation Program

Master all the skills necessary to THRIVE and not strive in your health and life in a busy world through brain-based habit change and grace-based transformation. 

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Client Love


New York, USA

"I have struggled for a long time with staying consistent whenever I decide to change my eating and exercise habits. Having Nikki as a support has been essential to my journey. I am healthier than I have ever been and would not feel this way without her. She has kept me motivated and has taught me to be kind to myself through the ups and downs of lifestyle changes. I definitely recommend her to anyone who want to create long-lasting healthy habits!""


Washington, USA

"Nikki's fitness program was just the motivation that I needed. She was kind, helpful, and down to earth. She even sent me a tailored suggested meal plan for my family's food allergies! I loved that there was a Facebook group to help encourage each other and offer accountability. The meals and smoothies were refreshing and tasty. Nikki was so kind and I appreciated her guiding us all through the challenge."


Washington, USA

“I was confused on what to start first or even where to start. I was feeling overwhelmed at the options for weight loss options and healthy eating menus. Nikki was able to give me some serious direction which motivated me. I felt better and I was no longer overwhelmed by too much information coming at me at one time. I felt supported at every step. I was motivated by the changes in the way I felt and the weight loss I experienced!”

Hey, busy lady!


My name is Nikki and welcome to my home here on the interwebs! I created this place especially for those busy ladies that know that they are being called for more, but taking care of their health keeps getting lost in the weeds. 

I wanted to make resources and tools that would help free you from being a slave to time so you could eat healthier, workout, and treat the temple you were given with love so you can run your life at higher levels!

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