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How to Create a Peaceful and Calm Environment in Your Home with Lavender Essential Oil 

essential oils lavender self-care stress stress management Jun 14, 2020

Something we all want after a day of hard work and stress (or if you are dealing with the stresses of not working, but being stuck in your home) is to fill your home with a calm and peaceful environment.

Science has shown that there are some scents that promote relaxation and deeper sleep by making the environment more peaceful and calm.

The smell of lavender is the most commonly used scent to calm people’s nerves and relax their brains and muscles.

Aromatherapy is the art of relaxation through scents. In aromatherapy, there are certain scents that promote better sleep and relaxation. People use air freshener sprays, scented candles, and essential oils for this purpose.

Air freshener sprays are full of chemicals and can cause breathing problems; good quality scented candles are usually pretty expensive and are not very environmentally friendly. 

So the best option? Diffusing or applying essential oils is the cheapest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly way to create a peaceful and calm environment in your home.  

Lavender has been used throughout the ages for purifying the body and spirit. In ancient times, Ancient Egyptians used lavender for mummifying bodies. 

Both Egyptians and Romans used Lavender to bath in, as a perfume, in cooking, and relaxation.



Lavandula, the plant from which lavender oil is extracted, is considered the safest plant in aromatherapy.

It has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. The lavender essential oil has been used to treat ailments like insomnia, depression, anxiety. and stress.

It calms restlessness by slowing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating your body’s unconscious activities. As a result, your sleep patterns improve, your body stops responding to stress the same way, your concentration improves, and your mood stabilizes.

Lavender essential oil is used for releasing pent up energy in your mind and body. It relieves feelings of panic, hysteria, and headaches. Interestingly, the lavender essential oil has also been used to reduce feelings of embarrassment and shyness.  


You can diffuse lavender essential oil in several ways.



You can either purchase an essential oil diffuser, into which you pour the essential oil and plugin. If you do not want to purchase an essential oil diffuser, then you can combine two to three drops of lavender essential oil and two to three cups of water in a glass spray bottle and spray your home whenever you please.


There are also other ways that you can use lavender essential oil to create a peaceful and calm environment in your home.


Put It In or On Common Household Items

Again, mixing lavender into a spray bottle, you can easily spray down your pillows and sheets to soothe you at night. You can freshen up your closet. Spray it on any cloth items in your home, such as couches or furniture to permeate your home with the wonderful soothing effects of lavender. 

To keep your toddler calm, peaceful, and happy, add lavender essential oil to their playdough or create a special DIY (Do It Yourself) lavender oil playdough for them.

Combine two tablespoons of lavender essential with one cup of flour, half a cup of salt, two tablespoons of cream of tartar, one teaspoon of food coloring, and enough water for a doughy mixture. Then mix all the ingredients in a heating pan, let it cool down and then knead it to a smooth consistency.   


Use It Internally or Externally 

If you're having a stressful day or notice that you're a little anxious, you can rub it into your temples or the back of your neck to alleviate headaches. You can use a carrier oil (coconut oil or argan oil etc.) if you have more sensitive skin than others to dilute it down a bit. I personally love applying it to the bottoms of my feet at night.

You can also add one drop of lavender oil to 4 o.z. of water and drink it. Or you can add it to your food if you want to mellow down citrus flavors and give it a twist!


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use this ancient oil to help relieve stress and bring a calmness to your home and wellbeing. 

Doing these little things in your life brings huge results to your overall wellbeing and promotes more restful sleep, energy, and positivity, which is necessary to help you be on your A-game and conquer the day!


If you have any questions about doTERRA and which diffusers and oils are best for you, don't hesitate to email me and ask or we can set up a time for a free chat about it!



I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope this serves you!


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